Ellie is a quarter horse I got when I think I was 8 so i'm guessing she's about 10 right now.
she's my best friend. she has the biggest tude in the winter time. she is a walk trot pleasure horse and I used to show her and soon will again.

Pet Details


  • goatgirl132
    goatgirl132: when mommy (Emily) tried putting my blanket on me I tried bitting her and got a piece of her finger. this was after almost biting the wether on the back. mommy's mad at me and made me freeze without my blanket on. maybe I will act better tonight. ~ ellie
    • March 3, 2014
  • AnimalFamily
    AnimalFamily: Sweet!! Ellie is gorgeous! Well what I can see of her anyway, lol.
    • December 11, 2013

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