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  • brookeanimals i have 51 pets!! p.s. i am new
    September 17, 2020
  • Catherine I had forgotten how intense live theatre feels. I laughed and I  cried. I actually attended a play! Life is coming back! Good thing too. My clients were difficult all week. I can never understand why people give me a hard time. I am there to meet their needs. I give as much as I can. I do a good job. I even work fast so I get a lot done. They don't really have anything to complain about. I am glad I have three days at home with my animals. No matter what I give Boris, he is a happy, chubby piggie.  So I picked up some fresh blueberries for him at the market near the theatre. He will be happy about that. He won't complain that I bought the wrong brand or the berries are the wrong size. When I clean and feed the birds in the morning they will be happy with the seeds I give them and they will nibble their lettuce all day and even sing about it. I need to stay home more.
    11 hours ago
  • catslave I'm glad you enjoyed the play your pets sound spoilt, sorry about your difficult clients, my husband made a special trip out for Edwards cat food it was on special at a good price so we stocked up, some his favourite flavours have been in short supply.
    8 hours ago

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