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  • brookeanimals i have 51 pets!! p.s. i am new
    September 17
  • Catherine I started off my work day calling an ambulance because I  could see my client on the floor near her wheelchair. She is okay, but she couldn't get up and I can't lift her. I ended the day with the online staff meeting. My supervisor wanted to chew us out because some very picky clients complain about  perceived poor service. We turned the meeting back on her and pointed out that we are being asked to do more and do more difficult things in the same amount of time for the same wages.  Someone actually suggested we deserve a raise. I haven't enjoyed a meeting so much in years. She let us know what the meeting was going to be about so we were ready for it. Now I am sitting with my Boo Bunny. He has found a way to sit on my hand just like he did when I first got him. Only part of him can fit on the hand now, but he looks very happy.  He was sitting on the mat by my bed when I woke up this morning. Bunnies are so loving.
    4 hours ago
  • catslave That's tough when you deal with a variety of peopl you always get the complainers when nothing is ever good enough,my daughter deals with that as well,Edward is o.k. he got well lookef after at the vets he was a bit off still is but he ate well and he groomed himself,his third eyelids are still over his eyes but that,'s not unusual.
    2 hours ago

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