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  • brookeanimals i have 51 pets!! p.s. i am new
    September 17, 2020
  • Catherine It was feed the snakes day again. I enjoy my feed the snakes day. It is my chance to check everyone and  clean up their tanks and just make sure everyone is happy. I am having a workman in tomorrow to  put a better vent in our furnace room. The tube has to run through my storage room to the outside.  So I am doing a major cleanup and reorganizing of my storage room. I had to move  a lot of things anyhow so I may as well make it worthwhile. I am starting a pile of things that I don't want to keep. As soon as the Salvation Army store opens I can donate the stuff. I hadn't planned to do this right now, but maybe the timing is right. I have a couple of extra days off this month so I can work on it.  It is still too cold for gardening and I will be very glad to have that area cleaned up. 
    March 7
  • catslave We have temps in the low 20's quite nice but it is cool for this time of year,we only had a few really hot days this summer the rest was quite moderate,we have a public holiday here monday and people can travel within reason,Edward is in his enclosure he loves it but when I hung the washing out he had a sook when he saw me,my daughter just bought four chickens I'll see if I can get a pic,sounds like you enjoyed your little bit of sunshine hope you get it back.
    March 5

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