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  • Aleshia Steps toward getting a new puppy are under way for me!  Although this new puppy won't be coming to live with me for quite some time (I only want 1 dog at a time) I still feel better knowing the savings account is going up for payments, I have found the breeder I want to deal with and I have a list of supplies I'm going to need to purchase before the little one comes to live with me  :)   So exciting!  These next few years are going to be filled with new presents and... waiting... that's going to be hard...
    August 30, 2019
  • Almari7 LOT'S of snow here!!! No school for me!
    January 2, 2014
  • AmandaKateDavis Hours of dog play and introductions:) Dogs up an fed, going to the Surprise party for my moms friend! :) To bag I don't give my dogs scraps, or else I would need LOTS of doggie bags! :p
    October 24, 2012
  • AnimalFamily Hello ladies! Can't thank you both enough for keeping the site alive in our absence. It has been a rough go as of late but we are hanging in there. Miss you and think of you often. Hopefully we will wrap some things up in the near future and we will be back and have more time to talk. Take care and hopefully see you soon. Much love, MamaBear!!
    March 16, 2019
  • Bock I hope everyone is doing alright. I miss you all
    Tue at 3:45 PM